About us

Are you struggling to build your eBay dropshipping business? Do you want it to start to become something you can rely on? Do you want a tool you can use that will make it easier to manage your ecommerce business? 

DS Profit Hunter will help you do just that! We have created a tool that would allow you to grow and maintain your business like never before. We know we can help grow your dropshipping business because we were once in your shoes and wanted to provide you unique tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

We too are eBay dropshippers. We have been working hard at this retail arbitrage for many years.  Since we have first-hand experience at what is needed to make this business profitable, we wanted to help you with yours! We know this industry can be tough. It can be incredibly difficult at times to get this business at a point where your monthly profits are something you can rely on. We have created this tool that has a ton of great features that we know can help you build your business.

Everything included in our software we once did manually. All of the features you see in this software we believe are crucial to building and maintaining a profitable dropshipping business on eBay. What better than to have a tool that will do everything automatically for you? 

We have great new features like multi-supplier checking and auto delisting that you won’t see anywhere else! With our software, you can now add multiple suppliers for one listing! Is your main supplier out of stock? No problem! DS Profit Hunter will automatically scan your other suppliers so your listing remains active! Manually going through and delisting your eBay items are a thing of the past! With DS Profit Hunter, you have the power to automatically delist your slow performing listings. You can delist your items based on views, watchers, sales or any combination of the three! Never again will you have to manually go through and delist your items!

We want you to be successful with your online arbitrage business. It took us years to figure out what worked in ecommerce. Let us save you the frustration! With all of these great tools available at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Sign up today to start making profit! We will hunt for profitable items that you can dropship today!