What Makes Us Different

The eBay seller who uses Drop Shipping techniques finds themselves wasting time and taking a lot of manual actions, often at the expense of not profiting much at all. There are many hurdles the new drop shipper will face: First, there is finding hot items that repeatedly sell on the eBay platform. Second, there is monitoring the stock and prices. Lastly, there is blindly purchasing and shipping that sold item from your supplier. A lot of manual tasks, no doubt.

When you team up with DS Profit Hunter, we will help you make the most profit you can after your sale.

  • We offer tools to help you find those repeatedly selling items

  • We find multiple suppliers for the items you sell and adjust your eBay item to the lowest price

  • We scan several suppliers for available stock for all for your listings

  • We team up with all your favorite cashback sites and can adjust your prices accordingly

Our specialty is to quickly find you the most lucrative combination of cashback and purchasing source for your item that just sold. The possibilities are endless!

We want you to make the most out of your drop shipping business. Together with your enthusiasm and our profit hunting tools, you'll find yourself profiting more than ever before.